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Webinar on Program Assessment in Higher Education

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Webinar on Program Assessment in Higher Education


Center for Learning Innovations & Customized Knowledge Solutions

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Online Event

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12:30 - 16:30


Webinar on Program Assessment in Higher Education

Webinar on Program Assessment in Higher Education



This webinar aims to develop participants’ understanding of and skills for designing effective program assessment processes, including articulating measurable program and course learning outcomes, designing assessment plans, selecting appropriate data collection, analysis and reporting methods, and using data to inform quality assurance and continuous enhancements of higher education programs. It stresses on the importance of applying an “evidence-based” approach and applying program assessment results to make improvements to programs.


Webinar Objectives

By the end of the webinar participants will:

1. Get an understanding of the key elements of better practice in policy development and review from a system-wide perspective

2. Understand the process for policy development, implementation, monitoring and reviewing of policies and how to analyze monitoring indicators

3. Build institutional frameworks and processes for defining, formulating, implementing, overseeing, assessing and reviewing institutional policies in participatory manner.

4. Write clear, concise and coherent policies which are aligned with the institutional mission, core values and strategic goals

5. Develop a policy register and create accessible policy websites

6. Reflect on current institutional practices related to policies’ development, implementation, evaluation and revision


Key Topics

1. Program assessment

2. Program learning outcomes

3. Assessment plan

4. Data collection methods

5. Continuous improvement

6. Quality assurance

7. Evidence-based approach


Who is this Webinar for?

Program administrators

Heads of departments

Faculty members involved with the design, development, assessment, and review of academic programs

Managers and staff members working in institutional research, quality assurance, and institutional effectiveness offices


Online Event

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